The End of an Era

Photo Credit: Luke Pamer via Death to Stock Photo

After over fifteen years (at least) working in trade shows and expos, I am saying goodbye. As some of you may know, for the past couple years I’ve been writing full-time. I had so much fun writing “The Social Trade Show” (although there were times I didn’t realize I was having fun), I decided I […]

UBM Canon Facilitates Pay-It-Forward Moments of Inspiration


Every now and again I come across an organization that is doing amazing work through their events and trade shows. These organizations are committed to the industry they serve rather than only being committed to turning a profit. A few months ago I wrote about creating moments of inspiration (hat tip to Andrew Davis for […]

Are Trade Show and Conference Organizers Grasping at Straws?

several multi-colored straws

Last night I was browsing different trade show and expo websites as I am wont to do, and I came across something that absolutely shocked me. But even before that, earlier in the day I was having a Twitter conversation with someone who is not involved in the events industry and who I highly respect. […]

Travel Tips For Event Professionals


I’ve been traveling to a lot of trade shows and conferences lately, and I think I’ve finally got this travel thing down. I just wanted to share a few tips to make a rather unpleasant experience just that much more bearable. TSA Pre✓® (and for international travelers Global Entry) The TSA Pre✓ application costs $85 (non-refundable) and […]

Interview With a Trade Show Exec – Denise Capello


This month we’re lucky enough to chat with Denise Capello with Amsterdam RAI. I met Denise a few years ago at SISO and not only is she brilliant, but she’s fun to hang out with too. Denise Capello Business Acquisition Manager Amsterdam RAI Years in the industry: 12 Traci Browne: Where did you grow up? […]

Something To Inspire You

Photo Credit: Christos Tsoumplekas (Back again!) via Compfight cc

One of my favorite speakers and authors, Andrew Davis, tells us to create moments of inspiration in our marketing. “Create moments of inspiration.” That sentence seems so simple. Too simple almost. But while the words may be simple and straightforward, implementation is much harder. You see, it’s not just a rule, or a best practice, […]